Review: Prismacolor Premier

Oct, 24th. 2018

It’s been a while since I had my Prismacolor’s crayons getting some dust, because I’d decided to use them only on very specific moments, but now I’ve decided to give them a proper use and why not? To write a brief review that might help someone who’s looking for that perfect brand of crayons.

First, I must write about my first impression, and it wasn’t a good one to be honest, even though the quality of the crayons is far away superior to any other brand I’ve tried before, there’s something that bothered me (and still does), and it was how easily the graphite tended to break, so it’s no wonder that only a week after I started to use the crayons, some of them were half of its original size. This was the main reason why I decided to keep them saved and only use them on very specific occasions.

About the color quality, I don’t have other thing to write that good words. As I said before, the colors are vibrant and they add a really good texture to your drawings. All the tones are mixed up perfectly and the shades are the best I’ve seen (I’m sorry, Faber Castell).

The presentation is with no doubt one of the most beautiful I had on my hands (all the Premier line). All the colors come inside a metalic box, perfectly alined in two plastic templates of 24 crayons each, besides this, the presentation includes a sharpener and two graphites for bigger areas.

I’ll end this review by writing about the cover that changes according to the number of crayons. My presentation was the one that had 48, and it have a beautiful illustration by the talented Monica Rief that persuades you to buy it before you even see the crayons. My general experience with the Prismacolor Premier has been good, it’s not great only because of the graphite breaking easily, but having tried this prismacolors from others friends, I came to the conclusion this was a factory failure and nothing else. I have one advice to give you: if you’re thinking on buying this line (or any other crayons line/brand), I suggest you to give a good look on the crayons, add some pressure on the top so you can tell if they’re going to break easily (I didn’t do it and here I am u.u).

So, that’s all for now! Hope this little review was helpful for. Have a great day!